- Do you clean, package and put our fish on ice? Yes, If requested we will fillet your catch on the boat, bag it and put it on ice while you fish. We do not come in early to fillet your catch on the dock while you wait.  Bring a cooler in your vehicle for transport of catch.

- Do you know of any local restaurants that will cook our fish? At this time No, due to food safety laws most restaurants will not take fish that is brought in.

-You need to know the last 4 of SSN# to purchase a fishing license for all ages. 

- Can you ship our catch to our residence? No, and at this time Perfect Cuts no longer does shipping, we have called around are still on the lookout for someone who will provide this service for you all

- If we are staying at "The Lodge at Whitefish Lake" can you pick us up at there dock? Yes

- Can you pick us up at our hotel? No, there are local shuttle and taxi services available as well as Uber.  If you are staying at Grouse Mountain Lodge enquire at front desk about their shuttle to Whitefish State Park.

- What is the cost for 3 adults and two children on a half day charter?  That would be 5 people so $450

- When is the best time to fish?  Anytime, best bite is typically morning and evening.


- What species? and how big?  Lake Superior Whitefish 2 - 5lbs. avg.; Lake Trout (Mackinaw) 2 - 10lbs. avg.; Norhtern Pike 2 - 10lbs. avg.

- How much does a fishing license cost? Subject to change per FWP regulations, check with them to confirm.

Resident or Non-Resident:  Age 0-11yo. No license required. FREE fishing June 15th & 16th Fathers Day weekend - no license required.  Must observe all limits and regulations; must be accompanied by licensed adult.  


For NON-RESIDENT:  (If >11y/o) annual conservation license = $10; annual Aquatic Invasive Species permit = $15; Fishing License:  2 consecutive calendar days = $25; 10 consecutive days = $56; Season (February 29th, 2019 - Feb. 28, 2020) = $86.   

Example: 21 yo Non-resident 2day license would cost $10+$15+$25 = $50.00

Is a fishing license included in the cost of a charter?  No, BRING YOUR FISHING LICENSE WITH YOU.  

Where can I purchase a fishing license?  Locally at Snappy's Sports Senter, Sportsman's and Ski Haus, Cabelas, Walmart or you can purchase them online at: www.fwp.mt.gov/fishing/license

- How many fish can we keep per license?  See MT Fish and Wildlife regulations for complete details.

Flathead Lake ---------north of Flathead Indian Reservation boundary • Catch-and-release for Cutthroat Trout. • Lake Trout: 100 daily and in possession, only 1 over 36 inches, and all fish 30 to 36 inches must be released. • Lake Whitefish: 100 daily and in possession.  Northern Pike: 15 daily.

Whitefish Lake –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– • Lake Trout: 20 daily and in possession, only 1 over 36 inches. All fish 30 to 36 inches must be released.  Whitefish: 20 daily.  Northern Pike: 15 daily.

- Where do we meet?  See link for map: 

Whitefish Lake - Whitefish Lake State Park



Flathead Lake - Somers, MT, Flathead Lake Boat Ramp  


What time?  Charters depart at 7:30am and 1:30pm